The new Feltrinelli headquarters designed by Herzog & de Meuron has just opened in Milan.

Le foto della nuova Fondazione Feltrinelli a Milano
© Filippo Romano


Two years after laying the foundation stone, the Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Foundation has opened its new headquarters today (December 13) in Viale Pasubio inside the first public building in Italy designed by the architectural firm Herzog & de Meuron.

The new premises in Viale Pasubio were created to fulfil a specific role, that of being a hub, a platform for comparison between a range of emotions and local people but much more besides. A network of contacts, influences and constructive listening, a contemporary meeting place that is accessible and useful to citizens. A place that stimulates the development of thought and ideas, a civic space for thinking and dialogue focusing on action, all in the profound conviction that changing things, to improve everyone’s living conditions is both possible and necessary.


Le foto della nuova Fondazione Feltrinelli a Milano
© Filippo Romano


The building which is dedicated to the Foundation’s new Headquarters and is the first Italian public building designed by Herzog & de Meuron has five floors and a basement.
The fifth and top floor, a reading room of 250 square meters, is dedicated to study and research activities but is also designed to hold and organize presentations and seminars, institutional and private events.


Nuova sede Fondazione Feltrinelli


The third and fourth floors house the offices of the Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Foundation and spaces dedicated to areas for shared productions, research and teaching useful for promoting new areas of knowledge.

The first and second floors are home to the Multipurpose Room which is the heart of the project. This is a place for gathering together, meeting and exchange between citizens and the latest in national and international culture. It is intended to be a space open to experimentation in the fields of arts and popular culture originating from research carried out in the various fields of social sciences.
Also located on the ground floor of the new Feltrinelli “European House of social sciences” in Viale Pasubio together with the “Babitonga Café” are areas designed for meeting people, socializing and entertainment, two environments seamlessly incorporated and open to the outside.


Sala Polifunzionale - © Filippo Romano
Sala Polifunzionale – © Filippo Romano


The basement houses the Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Foundation archives and library material.
With approximately 15,000 titles, the Viale Pasubio Feltrinelli has been designed and created following a new and distinctive concept that makes it unique among the 120 current Feltrinelli Bookstores.


Babitonga Café - © Filippo Romano
Babitonga Café – © Filippo Romano


The editorial content reflects the areas of research developed by the Foundation: globalization and sustainability, European citizenship, political innovation, the future of the world of work and sources of history.

As an integral part of the project designed by Herzog & de Meuron, the Viale Pasubio Feltrinelli is clearly a space that is equally radical and innovative and at the same time consistent with the inspirational design behind the building. It aims to stimulate regular visits by the public, visits that are both participatory and emotional in which entertainment and reflection become a part of the Foundation’s cultural essence.


Sala Lettura - © Filippo Romano
Sala Lettura – © Filippo Romano


Interno - © Filippo Romano
Interno – © Filippo Romano


Libreria - © Filippo Romano
Libreria – © Filippo Romano


 © Filippo Romano
© Filippo Romano