Tuscany launches a challenge for Contemporary Architecture with the start of the 1 st edition of the Regional award


The challenge for contemporary architecture in Tuscany has been issued. The first edition of the Premio di Architettura della Toscana (PAT – Tuscany Architecture Award) has been organized by the Tuscany Regional Council, the Florence Order of Architects, the Federation of Tuscan Architects, the Pisa Order of Architects, the Florence Architects Foundation and Ance Toscana with the support of the National Council of Architects.

Notification of the competition is already available online on the www.premio-architettura-toscana.it website with information for those wishing to take part including terms and conditions, requirements and the necessary materials. Official registration opens at 12.00 on Monday 6 th March and closes at 24.00 on Friday 14 th April.

The Award has been created with the aim of stimulating reflection on contemporary architecture as the driving force behind transformations of the area and the spreading of design culture as a guarantee of environmental and civic quality.

A particular feature of the award is the highlighting and focusing on the entire “production chain” or process involved in the creation of a piece of architecture from the designer to the client and up to and including the construction company, since none of these players can do without the others in order to achieve quality architecture. The Award aims to promote architecture as a social art form in which society as a whole takes part through the designing of their cities and their own territory.

The PAT is open to works completed in Tuscany in the five years between 2012 and 2017 preceding the date of publication of the notification. Works by individual architects or groups and public or private employees can be nominated for the Awards. The application can be submitted by either the designer, the client or even the company that carried out the work.

The Award competition is divided into five different categories: new works, new construction works, restoration or reclamation, staging, set design or interior work and works involving public spaces, landscapes and regeneration. Participants may submit a single work in each category and a single work may be a candidate in more than one category.

Each category will have a single award winner which will be presented jointly to the designer, the client and the company. The winner in the new work category will receive an additional cash prize of €5,000.

The works entered for the PAT will be assessed and judged by a jury appointed by the organizing committee which will include an architecture critic or historian, three designers and a sociologist, namely Prof. Arch. Luca Molinari, Arch. Simone Sfriso, Arch. João Luís Carrilho da Graça , Arch. Sandy Attia and Prof. Guido Borelli.

The results will be published on June 5 th and the awards ceremony will take place on July 6 th at the Palazzina Reale at Santa Maria Novella station in Florence where an exhibition will display the winning projects and which will be open until July 23 rd .

Info:  www.premio-architettura-toscana.it