Best Italian Interior Design Selection 2018 – The exhibition

Best Italian Interior Design Selection is a publishing initiative from Publicomm, the publishing house behind PLATFORM Architecture and Design magazine which was created with the aim of photographing the state of the art of interior design by Italian designers.
The selection of projects took place through an open call which ensured greater representation in geographical and meritocratic terms. Over 400 projects were submitted of which 84 were eventually selected, divided into retail, private residences, yachts, offices, hotels, restaurants, bars, etc
The winning projects will be on view at the Milan Triennale from 15 th to 20 th May (open on 14 th with pre-registration)

For over a hundred years, interior architecture has been the most vital and experimental laboratory of modern Italian architecture in general, a place where design, advanced craftsmanship, industry and social aspirations have often come together, happily producing fundamental works through which to understand our culture.

Modernity in Italy has developed more through interiors than with works created ex novo and now a series of thematic exhibitions including the latest powerful “Stanze e altre filosofie dell’abitare (Rooms and other living philosophies)” curated by Beppe Finessi in 2016 at the Milan Triennale has had the merit of presenting this alternative way to contemporary design that is Italian interior architecture.

The call launched by Platform and Simona Finessi to bring together a new family of Italian interiors starts from the need to constantly update and comprehend an ever more varied overall picture because it disperses and disappears into the thousands of little rivers that run through the Italian landscape and the many companies it manages to accommodate.

The selection of these 84 built projects offers a scenario that is a child of our time, where the individualism of choices, tastes and spaces takes the upper hand over everything by defining an increasingly labyrinthine and sometimes rowdy image.
The merit of this portrait of Italy for interiors is that it looks at the capital as it does the province, the well-known studio as well as the emerging company, avoiding the distinction between domestic and public in a crescendo that is breaking down every possible border between privacy and the community dimension.

And this is the element or rather the need that seems to emerge in many cases, to increase the sense of exceptionality and uniqueness in order to give identity to an environment, when sometimes a subtle shift or control of materials, light and hierarchies is enough to create a unique space. In a world dominated by the need to exist at all costs, it is not easy for architects to find this balance and guide customers towards a more solid and resistant dimension. But it is also intriguing to think that interior imagery will assert itself in a world that is now alternating back and forth between the desire to be a selfie and to cancel itself in the silence of eternal forms and materials. The hope is that Italian architecture will never abdicate in favour of free, different, lateral and blatant experimentation and which over the last hundred years has taught the rest of the world what it means to live in the most evolved and advanced contemporaneity.” Luca Molinari

The studios on display:

|BACC| Architettura, 35a studio, Abad Architetti, AFG Studio & Partners, Alessandro Corina Interior Designer, AMlab, Archea, Archiplan Studio, Archizero, Area-17 Architecture & Interiors, ARKPABI | Giorgio Palù e Michele Bianchi Architetti, Armellino & Poggio Architetti Associati con Rodolfo Fallucca e Marco Ricchebono, Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia, Baldo Battaglia Architetto, Beppe Riboli Studio, bgpiù Progettazione, Boffa Petrone & Partners, BTArchitetti, Bureau69 – Massimiliano Strano Architect, Caberlon Caroppi Architetti Associati, Capobiancoarchitetti, Citterio-Viel & Partners, Claudio Pironi & Partners, Claudio Silvestrin Architects, Damilanostudio Architects , Eidos, ElasticoSPA, Emanuel Serri Architetto, Enrico Muscioni Architect, Francesco Librizzi, Franco Scaglia Architetto, gambardellarchitetti, GaS Studio, Granese Architecture & Design Studio, HIT arcHITects, Iarchitects, Iosa Ghini Associati, Laboratorio Permenente, Lai Studio – Maurizio Lai Architects, LDA.iMdA architetti associati, Lissoni Associati, Lorenzo Aureli Architetto, Lotti Architetti Associati, LPA – Luigi Pardo Architetti, Luca Moretto Architetto, Luca Soave Architetto, Lucchini Architetti, M2atelier Bonelli Radovic, Marazzi Architetti, Marco Ciarlo Associati, Massimo Accoto Architetto, Massimo Farinatti Design, Massimo Mariani Architetto, Matteo Fantoni Studio, Meregalli Merlo Architetti Associati, Modourbano, MRC Architetti, NAT Office – christian gasparini architetto, Nathan Petrone & Partners, Nicola Salami Architetto, Parisotto + Formenton Architetti, Park Associati, Peia Associati, PERALTA – Luca Peralta Studio, Pietro Carlo Pellegrini Architetto, plasma Studio, PLS | DESIGN, randomdesign, Rizoma Architetture, stogareassociati, Studio DC10, Studio Marco Piva, Studio Matteo Nunziati, Studio Ricatti, Studio Simonetti, Studio12 -Francesca Cutini Architetto, SUPERFUTUREDESIGN*, TETTIdegliARCHI, tissellistudioarchitetti, Tomoarchitects, UAU Un’Architettura Unica, Vudaferi-Saverino Partners, Zaettastudio, Zeno Pucci+Architects

Opening Monday, May 14, 2018 – 6 pm
Exposure from 15 to 20 May 2018 – 10 am / 8 pm

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Mostra Forlì Four Design
Palazzo Albertini – Piazza Saffi, 50 Forlì
Opening Wednesday, May 23rd 2018 – 6 pm
Exposure from 24 to 30 May 2018 – 10 am / 8 pm

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