• Junya Ishigami – Cultivate

    Junya Ishigami – Cultivate

    • 07/12/2018
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    Interview by Luca MOLINARI
    Images and drawings ©JUNYA.ISHIGAMI+ASSOCIATES, unless otherwise noted

    A major solo exhibition held at the Fondation Cartier in Paris recently celebrated the creative genius of the young Japanese architect Junya Ishigami and his complete originality within the international context. Each of his works always seems to be taken to the extreme limit of [...]

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  • Grafton Architects

    Grafton Architects

    • 19/09/2018
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    Grafton Architects, selected as curators by the president of the Venice Biennial Paolo Baratta, are among those authors with the ability to provoke a different yet never mainstream look at the urgent issues that characterize our world.
    The call by the Irish Yvonne Farrel and Shelley McNamara, aka Grafton Architects, is typical of this approach [...]

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  • Interview with Andrea Trimarchi – Formafantasma

    Interview with Andrea Trimarchi – Formafantasma

    • 23/07/2018
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    Interview by Luca MOLINARI

    What appeals about their work is the fact that they constantly question and redefine the boundaries and modalities of a profession that has hitherto appeared to be defined by the rules of a structured and powerful global market. I think that this ability to create “open works” that are thought-provoking, right on [...]

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  • Interview with Marco Balich. Share

    Interview with Marco Balich. Share

    • 02/05/2018

    Interview by Simona FINESSI | Luca MOLINARI
    Ph. Luca PARISSE

    We met Marco Balich in his creative workshop in the heart of Milan and were immediately captivated by the intensity of his approach to work and the quality of the professionals who surround him. Wanting to talk freely about the relationship between investments and major projects, [...]

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  • Marcel Wanders. Play

    Marcel Wanders. Play

    • 12/03/2018

    From its inception to the present day, design has undergone innumerable transformations of both form and meaning and it has spread to cover an infinite number of fields of action, contaminating and at the same time being contaminated by all those subjects with which it has come into contact.
    From fashion to education, sport [...]

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  • Peter Marino. Naughty

    Peter Marino. Naughty

    • 15/01/2018

    He is known for having made a major contribution to defining and updating the concept of brand luxury on a global scale, emphasizing both the material and cultural contents and creating a dialectical relationship between interior settings and the surrounding reality. With his “bad boy” look, the New Yorker Peter Marino is famous as the [...]

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  • Lesley Lokko. Hope: African architectural education

    Lesley Lokko. Hope: African architectural education

    • 10/10/2017
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    Lesley Lokko Interview by Luca Molinari

    What you are doing now with the school in Johannesburg is very important because ‘hope’ is related to future, which is related to education and to the new generation, so I would start from your experience at GSA. Can you tell me more about how did the school started [...]

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  • Bjarke Ingels. Rebel

    Bjarke Ingels. Rebel

    • 03/07/2017

    A Conversation between Luca Molinari and Bjarke Ingels.

    Since the beginning BIG has worked with communities. It’s kind of the common thread that runs through all your experiences, from the beginnings in Copenhagen to the 57 West in New York and finally to the series of headquarters that you are designing in different parts of [...]

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  • Gillo Dorfles

    Gillo Dorfles

    • 28/04/2017

    STORY Aldo Colonetti and Luca Molinari
    PHOTO Gianluca Di Ioia

    Gillo Dorfles visiting the “Vitriol, drawings by Gillo Dorfles” exhibition held at the Milan Triennale until 5th February 2017

    We arrive chez Dorfles late one afternoon. The house is full of books, papers, paintings, sculptures and exhibition catalogues; it is a real laboratory-study in which it’s clear [...]

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  • The great dutch wave. Winy Maas – MVRDV

    The great dutch wave. Winy Maas – MVRDV

    • 28/03/2017

    We meet Winy Maas, one of the founders of MVRDV, at the studio’s new headquarters in Rotterdam.
    It is an authentic workshop on the ground floor of a building dating back to the 1950’s designed by Hugh Maaskant, one of the heroes of the city’s reconstruction and just a few hundred metres from the Markthal, [...]

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