• The ancient culture of contemporaneity

    The ancient culture of contemporaneity

    • 04/11/2016

    Umbria has always been synonymous with knowledge and throughout Italy it is recognised as having played a leading role in the spreading of it. This delightful story of culture and altruism began in the sixth century when monasteries began to be identified not only as spiritual centres but also as agricultural workshops. The expression “ora [...]

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  • Architecture for the eyes

    Architecture for the eyes

    • 04/06/2016
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    Contamination is now a term that is much used and abused, but no alternative has been found that better describes what is happening in the world of eyewear where for years the most eclectic designers have found inspiration in different sectors that are at times quite distant from that of fashion accessories. After experimenting with [...]

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  • Artist’s Weft

    Artist’s Weft

    • 27/05/2015

    The artists we love have taught us and are teaching us to become entrepreneurs

    Luigi Bonotto took his passion for art into his business and transformed the organization and production processes according to a logic oriented more towards creativity than business.
    “The artists we love have taught us and are teaching us to become entrepreneurs. We [...]

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  • Like a tissue

    Like a tissue

    • 04/04/2015
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    Wood-skin’s revolutionary digital production process means that complex constructive geometries can be achieved that would otherwise be impossible using traditional techniques.

    A degree in Architecture from the Politecnico di Milano and an innate tendency to experiment and go further were what took Giulio Masotti abroad, first to Spain and then to Canada where he patented his [...]

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