• Architectus animalis

    Architectus animalis

    • 13/04/2016

    STORY Cristina Bigliatti

    The architect, a mammiferous animal, is considered to be an evolving species. Its vanity and aura of charm that it manages to create around itself and which varies according to the species, allow the breed to reproduce rapidly.
    The Architect’s natural habitat is the metropolis. Examples can be found on all 5 continents [...]

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  • Happiness


    • 01/01/2016
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    “How lovely to have a house where everything talks to you!”
    These were the words with which Mary accepted Mike’s playful invitation to be brave and go in.
    “It won’t eat you!”he added, putting his arm around her waist and leading her across the threshold.
    Mike had invested almost everything he had put aside to [...]

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  • You don’t understand it? Then it’s design!

    You don’t understand it? Then it’s design!

    • 01/10/2015
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    In the language of Hollywood filmmakers, “hotel” is equivalent to “dark”, “distressing”, “secret” – a family of adjectives that would be the ultimate insult for any architect today. And you, dear designers, want to pitch in and give us the wildest fantasies, the brightest colours! In any hotel sadness is hard to exorcise. You’re waiting [...]

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  • Chiara Valerio – Column by Caterina Bonvicini

    Chiara Valerio – Column by Caterina Bonvicini

    • 04/05/2015
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    When you think about it, the only design object that hasn’t really changed throughout history is the book. From the incunabulum up to now, the book has always more or less kept the same shape. And it works in the same way. You leaf through it, the book unfolds. This makes me think, being the [...]

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  • Fuorisalone 2015

    Fuorisalone 2015

    • 03/04/2015
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    If you live in or are simply passing through Milan and you know nothing about design, visual, performing, interactive arts, etc – the whole range, then consider yourself out, totally uncool and altogether banished from every happy hour that counts. Maybe that’s why during the early ‘80s of the last century – the era which [...]

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  • Marcello Fois – Column by Caterina Bonvicini

    Marcello Fois – Column by Caterina Bonvicini

    • 04/02/2015
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    I must confess that interfacing with my living room is a sensorial, performance and artistic experience all at the same time. I wanted it to be spacious, loft-like, a space full of New York style suggestions together with a hint of jugenstil, not without a certain Zen flavour. So first I asked the Brickman and [...]

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