• Peter Marino. Naughty

    Peter Marino. Naughty

    • 15/01/2018

    He is known for having made a major contribution to defining and updating the concept of brand luxury on a global scale, emphasizing both the material and cultural contents and creating a dialectical relationship between interior settings and the surrounding reality. With his “bad boy” look, the New Yorker Peter Marino is famous as the [...]

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  • The hypnotic geometries of La Grande Motte

    The hypnotic geometries of La Grande Motte

    • 30/11/2017
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    © Stefano Perego


    La Grande Motte is a popular seaside resort located in Southern France, in the arrondissement of Montpellier. But it’s not at all an usual seaside resort.
    The whole area was designed and built between 1960 and 1975 by one single architect, Jean Balladur. He was a visionary man, that – with the exception [...]

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  • Lesley Lokko. Hope: African architectural education

    Lesley Lokko. Hope: African architectural education

    • 10/10/2017
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    Lesley Lokko Interview by Luca Molinari

    What you are doing now with the school in Johannesburg is very important because ‘hope’ is related to future, which is related to education and to the new generation, so I would start from your experience at GSA. Can you tell me more about how did the school started [...]

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  • Vertical ‘green village’ for Amsterdam by MVRDV

    Vertical ‘green village’ for Amsterdam by MVRDV

    • 11/09/2017

    © Vero Visuals


    MVRDV and OVG Real Estate were selected by the municipality of Amsterdam for the development of the P15 Ravel plot in the Zuidas Business District. The competition, which began in the spring of 2015, is located on Beethoven Street, adjacent to the ABN AMRO headquarters beside the ‘Sportpark Goed Genoeg’ (AFC). The project [...]

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  • Leucos. Art form the future past

    Leucos. Art form the future past

    • 24/07/2017

    For over fifty years Leucos has produced light and been involved in the world of lighting by following a modern corporate vision that has its origins in the ancient venetian art of glass-making but which always looks forward to new horizons. Style, technology and sustainability have created valuable, magical objects that still today represent the [...]

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  • The Musmeci Bridge

    The Musmeci Bridge

    • 04/07/2017


    Author: Annalisa Guerisoli
    Photo: Roberto Conte

    Bridges are usually non-places, designed for transit with no specific or distinctive features. They connect cities and towns, often dreams and hopes, they are necessary for fulfilling a utilitarian role and they always have the simplest of shapes.
    This is not the case with the Ponte Musmeci or Musmeci Bridge [...]

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  • Bjarke Ingels. Rebel

    Bjarke Ingels. Rebel

    • 03/07/2017

    A Conversation between Luca Molinari and Bjarke Ingels.

    Since the beginning BIG has worked with communities. It’s kind of the common thread that runs through all your experiences, from the beginnings in Copenhagen to the 57 West in New York and finally to the series of headquarters that you are designing in different parts of [...]

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  • Casa sperimentale Perugini

    Casa sperimentale Perugini

    • 08/05/2017

    Story Alessandro Benetti
    Photo Oliver Astrologo

    Fregene is a seaside village that exists on two different levels. The seaside bathing rituals are still observed in the shade of a centuries-old curtain of pine trees, originally planted by Pope Clement IX in the midseventeenth century to protect crops on the Maccarese plain from [...]

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  • Gillo Dorfles

    Gillo Dorfles

    • 28/04/2017

    STORY Aldo Colonetti and Luca Molinari
    PHOTO Gianluca Di Ioia

    Gillo Dorfles visiting the “Vitriol, drawings by Gillo Dorfles” exhibition held at the Milan Triennale until 5th February 2017

    We arrive chez Dorfles late one afternoon. The house is full of books, papers, paintings, sculptures and exhibition catalogues; it is a real laboratory-study in which it’s clear [...]

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  • Blowing in the wind

    Blowing in the wind

    • 07/04/2017
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    STORY Cristina Bigliatti
    Photo Marco Zwinkles © Media Force

    The combination of art and engineering is at the heart of the works of Theo Jansen, artist and physicist who for decades has combined his knowledge in the field of science with his own characteristic sensitivity to create objects that look like living huge animals on the [...]

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