• Brazilian design, a meeting of creative worlds

    Brazilian design, a meeting of creative worlds

    • 04/11/2015

    References to European culture, at which Brazilian creativity has long looked, are now just some of many elements that combine to define a dynamic, complex and rich reality.
    The new generations of designers draw in an increasingly decisive and aware way on their own tradition, dragging it towards the future through noticeably heterogeneous languages and [...]

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  • Cultural Makers

    Cultural Makers

    • 04/11/2015

    In current cultural Chinese programming, design plays a major role, one of the most interesting of which is the salvaging of craft traditions of excellence through design. During the Chinese Cultural Revolution the great craft traditions were relegated to second place and this current operation is an attempt to retrieve them. This cultural renewal of [...]

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  • The challenge of design in India

    The challenge of design in India

    • 04/07/2015

    India was one of the first developing countries to recognize design as a tool for development and probably as a means for easing the transition between tradition and modernity. In the early 1950’s the Indian Government asked Ray and Charles Eames for recommendations on a program of training in design that would serve as an [...]

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  • “design” Africa’s double dare

    “design” Africa’s double dare

    • 30/04/2015
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    The key words in understanding African design are many and varied: history, styles, materials, design philosophies, objectives and means of expression. It could not be otherwise, in a huge continent that one is often tempted to consider as a whole but which actually encompasses many different realities.
    Among these, the most well known [...]

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