• Copan


    • 25/01/2018
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    Story Pietro Menditto + Angelo Dadda
    Photo Pietro Menditto

    I have a special passion for the city of Sao Paulo. Its chaos, its vastness, the continuous drone of helicopters moving from one skyscraper to another (Sao Paulo has the largest number of private helicopters in the world). When I was younger they made the city seem [...]

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  • Paul Rudolph’s Penthouse

    Paul Rudolph’s Penthouse

    • 23/01/2018
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    Story Alessandro Benetti

    1977 marked the lowest point in New York’s urban crisis. Under cover of the disconcerting darkness caused by the blackout that hit the city on the nights of 13 and 14 July and driven by poverty and insecurity, hundreds of residents joined criminal gangs in acts of devastating random looting and more than [...]

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  • The hypnotic geometries of La Grande Motte

    The hypnotic geometries of La Grande Motte

    • 30/11/2017
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    © Stefano Perego


    La Grande Motte is a popular seaside resort located in Southern France, in the arrondissement of Montpellier. But it’s not at all an usual seaside resort.
    The whole area was designed and built between 1960 and 1975 by one single architect, Jean Balladur. He was a visionary man, that – with the exception [...]

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  • Casa sperimentale Perugini

    Casa sperimentale Perugini

    • 08/05/2017

    Story Alessandro Benetti
    Photo Oliver Astrologo

    Fregene is a seaside village that exists on two different levels. The seaside bathing rituals are still observed in the shade of a centuries-old curtain of pine trees, originally planted by Pope Clement IX in the midseventeenth century to protect crops on the Maccarese plain from [...]

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  • 9999 Very bad architects

    9999 Very bad architects

    • 07/04/2017
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    9999, “Space Electronic Discotheque”, Florence, 1969. Carlo Caldini Archive, Florence. © 9999

    STORY Marco Ornella

    Together with Archizoom, Superstudio, UFO, Zziggurat and Gianni Pettena, the 9999 group (Birelli, Caldini, Fiumi, Galli) were part of the Florentine branch of the Neo-Avant-garde Italian Architectural movement, otherwise known as Architettura Radicale.
    With the aim of redefining disciplinary languages and the [...]

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  • Bugatti Automobili,  what remains of the Blue Factory

    Bugatti Automobili, what remains of the Blue Factory

    • 07/04/2017

    Photo and Textgmai: Fabio Gubellini


    ingresso principale largo E.Bugatti – © Fabio Gubellini


    When the next sunny day comes, which in this region dominated by engines and machinery is rare during winter, go and visit the Blue Factory.
    That's right, the same Blue Factory that since the early nineties every time I saw it just after [...]

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  • HOUSES BY Piero Castellini & Nanda Vigo

    HOUSES BY Piero Castellini & Nanda Vigo

    • 28/10/2016
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    STORY Alessandro Benetti
    PHOTO: Carla De Benedetti, Casali, Marco Caselli

    The official architectural press rarely mentions Piero Castellini (1938) and Nanda Vigo (1936), two “uncomfortable” figures who effectively work on the edge of the discipline, contaminating and imbuing it with influences from other spheres.
    For Manolo De Giorgi, Castellini is the master of “Milan-style furnishing”. His [...]

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  • The Casa Bunker by Cini Boeri

    The Casa Bunker by Cini Boeri

    • 05/08/2016

    STORY Alessandro Benetti
    PHOTO Paolo Rosselli

    In 1966, when the construction site for the Cini Boeri “Casa Bunker” opened in La Maddalena, the coastline of northern Sardinia was suspended between the torpor of a pastoral past together with an insignificant amount of maritime trade and a future of exclusive tourism that would soon descend into kitsch. [...]

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  • Le Corbusier and the weissenhof houses

    Le Corbusier and the weissenhof houses

    • 12/04/2016

    STORY Tiziano Aglieri Rinella
    Photo Gonzalez/Weissenhofmuseum

    One of the most significant historical events for the affirmation of the ideas of the Modern Movement in architecture was the realization of the Weissenhof in Stuttgart in 1927. The model-neighbourhood, built for the Werkbund’s second exhibition enjoyed outstanding success and remains today one of the most important witnesses of [...]

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  • The Sensitive Factory: Ferrania 1917-2017

    The Sensitive Factory: Ferrania 1917-2017

    • 29/01/2016

    STORY Gabriele Mina

    “An aristocracy of highly educated locally recruited workers.” With these terms Guido Piovene described the staff of Ferrania, a world-renowned film production establishment located in Ferrania, a small village in the Ligurian hinterland in the province of Savona. In the mid 1950s Piovene accomplished his Journey through Italy in an area undergoing profound [...]

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