• Boffetto – MY WAVE collection

    Boffetto – MY WAVE collection

    • 14/06/2017
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    BOFFETTO was established by professionals and entrepreneurs who gathered in the company more than 10 years of experience in both design and industry in order to produce outstanding furniture and interior accessories for residential and contract environments. The most advanced technology matching with the excellent Italian craftsmanship.
    New forms are transformed in pieces of furniture [...]

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  • Leucos – Aella

    Leucos – Aella

    • 07/06/2017
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    AELLA – table
    Design by Toso&Massari – 1968

    Aella’s shape has not changed over time. It’s one of the first designs by Leucos, and its name, just like the trademark, comes from Ancient Greek.
    “Aella” was the name of the first Amazon warrior who lunged at Heracles, and is the Ancient Greek word for whirlwind, [...]

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  • Zucchetti – QUADRAT POOL by Kos

    Zucchetti – QUADRAT POOL by Kos

    • 05/06/2017
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    design Ludovica+Roberto Palomba

    QUADRAT POOL is an indoor/outdoor minipool with infinity edge that comes in a free-standing or built-in version.
    The free-standing variant features absolute, sculpted geometrics and thanks to its recessed base and LED strip lighting, it looks like a shape suspended in space. The edge has a big trim that [...]

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  • CRISTINA rubinetterie – From classic chrome to metallic: to each, his own finish

    CRISTINA rubinetterie – From classic chrome to metallic: to each, his own finish

    • 26/04/2017
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    Dimore classiche, dai decori che richiamano l’eleganza più semplice e senza tempo. Oppure loft industriali, dove ogni dettaglio di interior design è curato nei minimi particolari. O ancora abitazioni moderne, dove la praticità e la funzionalità sono fondamentali.
    Le case non sono tutte uguali, perché dovrebbero esserlo i rubinetti? Proprio per questo motivo CRISTINA rubinetterie [...]

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  • BOFFETTO Form to Furniture – collezione CONCERT

    BOFFETTO Form to Furniture – collezione CONCERT

    • 31/03/2017
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    CONCERT design Aldo Cichero

    CONCERT collection is designed by Aldo Cichero for BOFFETTO Form to Furniture and is a tribute to music played by a sublime instrument that is an organ. According to Goethe and Bach, music and architecture can be geometrically and mathematically described.
    By CONCERT collection, Aldo Cichero also dealt with this matter turning [...]

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  • CRISTINA rubinetterie – Quadri S line, successful geometries

    CRISTINA rubinetterie – Quadri S line, successful geometries

    • 24/03/2017
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    Geometric shapes and square volumes: the square series are a real bestseller in CRISTINA rubinetterie from over a decade.
    The novelty this year is the Quadri S line, born from the evolution of a concept presented at Cersaie 2016.
    A project entirely developed by the CRS engineering team, now arrived at its final form after [...]

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  • Bencore – Starlight™ e Lightben™

    Bencore – Starlight™ e Lightben™

    • 28/11/2016


    Composite panel with inner patented macro-cellular translucent SAN core bonded with external layers in Acrylic offered in various finishes and standard colours.
    Thanks to its characteristics of lightweight, stiffness, translucency and unique aesthetical feature resulting from the geometrical pattern of its core, this structural panel has a wide variety of indoor [...]

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  • Villeroy & Boch – Washbasin Artis

    Villeroy & Boch – Washbasin Artis

    • 07/11/2016
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    Lavabo da appoggio in TitanCeram design by GESA HANSEN

    L’Artis bathroom sink series is available in four shapes: round, oval, rectangular and square. It is made from TitanCeram, a new material made from clay, quartz, feldspar and titanium oxide, which Villeroy & Boch developed specifically for the realisation of high-quality premium designs. TitanCeram [...]

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  • Bencore – Ecoben Wave™, Hexaben™ and Mirror Collection™

    Bencore – Ecoben Wave™, Hexaben™ and Mirror Collection™

    • 03/11/2016
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    ECOBEN WAVE™ is an Interior architecture composite panel with honeycomb core in recycled cardboard made with corrugated superposed plans, laminated on both sides with co-polyester or acrylic resin, in clear or satin finish.
    ECOBEN WAVE™ can be used for dividing walls, doors, tables, shelves and many other applications in interior architecture with [...]

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  • Ceramica Sant’Agostino – Collection TailorArt – award Archiproducts Design Awards

    Ceramica Sant’Agostino – Collection TailorArt – award Archiproducts Design Awards

    • 25/10/2016
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    The sartorial gres of TailorArt, the new fabric effect collection by Ceramica Sant’Agostino, has been honoured by an international jury composed of 25 most important architectural firms from all over the world with the Archiproducts Design Award as BEST of CATEGORY 2016 for the category FINISHES.

    Artistically sophisticated but with discreet sartorial taste, measurably elegant: [...]

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