Cultivating a house – Architecture of sustainable materials

CIBICWORKSHOP – Aldo Cibic and Tommaso Corà with Michele Cecchetto

The reflection on construction materials with a low carbon footprint has been the main aspect of the experimental research regarding construction techniques conducted by the Cibicworkshop in the recent years.

Cibicworkshop presents at MADE Expo 2012, at the Green Home Design a full-scale installation consisting of two houses built with innovative solutions: the technology of hemp and the dry construction system supported by metal frames.

The house made out of hemp represents the way of building contemporarily with the use of natural materials. Hemp, which nowadays almost disappeared in Italy was actually a key element in Italian agricultural history.

Building today with this material means combining new economies of the region with the latest environmental and energy-performing requirements. The house which is realized with the dry construction system in metal frame represents a technical solution which merges constructive – energetic performance with a radically reduced builiding time. This innovative construction system allows the utilization of traditional materials in a new way obtaining a completely recyclable, solid and anti-seismic building.


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