Complementarity between nature and technology


Project: New Noberasco Headquarter.
Location: Carcare, Savona (Italy).
Designed by Marco Ciarlo Associati, Studio Luca Romano, Studio Persico & Fenoglio.

Transparency, permeability and variable chromaticism for the integration into the landscaping context.

The Noberasco Company SpA was founded in Albenga in 1908 and it is currently considered the most important Italian company in the field of dried fruit with a booming international market.
The project of the new headquarters stems from the need to combine in a single pole the units of production, logistics, administrative and executive offices, research and development.
The complex is currently under construction and will be completed by 2015. It is located on an industrial area of 50,000 square meters just outside the city center of Carcare, in the Italian province of Savona.
The production building is 300 meters long, 80 meters wide and 12 in height. The part of building dedicated to offices and administration continues for a further 60 meters.
Along the whole perimeter the facades are superficially treated with an alternation of pixels (relaunching the graphics of the Noberasco commercial brand) and a series of panels in Corten steel.
The simple and immediate chromaticism of the pixels, with shades ranging from green to gray, strengthens the integration of the building in the context of the surrounding hills and then it fades in neutral tones at the office block. The latter is entirely surrounded with glass with a system of automatic courtains for the control of natural light inside the rooms.
The transparency and permeability of all the surfaces of the building create a strong indoor-outdoor continuity, emphasized by the care of the outside gardens as well as the evocative use of the water, from which the transparent walls emerge. This highlights the complementarity between nature and technology and the compositional strength with which the ensemble arises in full respect of the outside context.
Eleven major portals enclose the entire building. The office and administration block is covered by a green roof perfectly accessible and usable. This roof is then covered by a pergola equipped with solar and thermal panels.
At the front, overlooking the main entrance, the roof protrudes 20 metres outward and it creates a large covered square below.
A glass case containing the main meeting room in the complex is structurally hung to the roof.
Inside the building, in addition to offices and administration, there is a showroom, a modular auditorium, kitchens and dining spaces, guest quarters, relaxation areas, café, gym and library.
An accurate study of artificial lighting will enhance the complex from the landscape point of view and will allow the use of the outdoor areas.

Photo reportage of the site – photo Sebastiano Rossi: