Become specialists in the design of gyms, wellness & SPA spaces

The Course is dedicated to the design of Hotel SPA and Wellness areas, Gyms and fitness centres; it has been sponsored by AIPi, the Italian Association of Interior Designers.
The cultural, technical and design evolution has resulted in a radical transformation of these areas, in which the spaces, services and facilities are arranged to take the customer on journey of sensorial excitement in a state of mental and physical well-being and relaxation.

Torna a Febbraio il percorso formativo di dedicato al settore benessere e alla progettazione degli spazi Wellness & SPA

Become specialists in the design of gyms, wellness & SPA spaces.
This evolution has lead to a new way of designing Wellness and SPA environments requiring designers with specialised, up-to-date skills, a market-oriented approach to the design and understanding of the new aesthetics of this expanding market.
The partnership between the university component and the business and professional world guarantees the quality of training through a theoretical and practical approach continuously updated and immediately applicable in the profession.

The course is aimed at graduates preferably in architecture, design or engineering and professionals, managers and contractors in the industry.

Duration 160 hours.

Admission to the course is limited to a select number of participants and is subject to a selection process that will be carried out via a direct interview with the teachers who will run the course.
Before the interview, candidates should send a CV describing in brief their training and any professional experience. Participants are expressly advised to bring their own laptop for the final project phase of the course.

The course lasts 20 days, for eight hours a day. Evening tours complete the learning path , from 18.30 to 22:00, guided by the teachers in hotels, innovative spaces, gyms and clubs in Milan, to deepen directly the characteristics, functions, design solutions and the ongoing transformations.

The course costs € 1000 + VAT (22%) for the entire course or € 700 + VAT (22%) for theoretical lessons.
There are reductions for multiple enrollments*.
50% reduction for all former participants in the courses of provides two free registrations for two graduate or recent graduate students of the Politecnico di Milano interested in carrying out, during the course, the task of tutoring (operational management and monitoring on the performance of classroom lessons ).
Those interested can send their CV, complete with cover letter and photograph at
Reductions are not cumulative.

* Companies, hotels, companies and professional interested in the course for two or more of its employees / collaborators will benefit reductions on the registration fee. – Consorzio del Politecnico di Milano
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