In front of the sea. University LLSH by CoCo architecture

A functional, safe and welcoming place.

University LLSH, Nouméa (New Caledonia), 2012.
Project by CoCo architecture

The university of Nouméa is distributed on the sites of Nouville and Magenta. These two sites, too far away one of the other, raise problems of organization which the university ends today by leaving the dilapidated place of Magenta in order to develop the site of Nouville in a vast campus. At Nouville, the university takes advantage of the impulse which brings her the hosting of the Pacific Games 2011: the campus is extended and reorganized.
The construction of the department of “Letters, Languages and Human Sciences” is the opportunity to create a functional, safe and welcoming place and will participate in the structuring of the new campus.
The new building is in the first row of the avenue James Cook, situated along the hillside way, in front of the sea. It is a strong element for the campus.
The building is reinforcing the development of the campus by giving it a strong image: integration to the site, connection of all the departments and university equipments. The chosen architectural party underlines the linearity of the terraced topography and fits between the existing buildings.
The project develops on two parallel wings which marry the hillside without remodeling the natural ground. Concrete pilots in hollowed out forms let the building float without realizing of excavations. So, an important part of the building ground remains landscape.
The project benefits from the topography of the site by fitting in a coherent way with the natural elements: the sea, the bay, the hills, the terraces.
In terms of spatial organization rooms are lined up in a long row and separated by in-between open areas (passageways, galleries), which gives flexibility and transparency to the building. The wooden shell protects facades as well as roof from the direct sun rays and allows their natural ventilation.
The lecture hall is positioned in head, perched on pilots, as signal for the new campus.

Photos by courtesy of Cédric Ramière, Philippe Jarcet and SCB