Duetto, Harmonious symphony which interprets the classic art of Murano glass

Conceived by Architect Claudio Pironi, DUETTO recalls a dialogue in music, between form and substance, a contemporary interpretation of the millenary history of Murano glass art which identifies Signoretto family since generations. A floating masterpiece where the harmony of shapes unfolds in a new symphonic variation and portrays a new manufacturing process, originated from a simple gesture: a horizontal rotation of the classic chandelier and its duplication.

In the middle a metal structure fuses the two elements. The covering in Briccola wood enhances the link with the lagoon territory, where the nobility of the glass is in sharp contrast with the austerity of the wood, building base material since the dawn of time.

The work is part of the Glassound research branch which investigates and narrates the fascinating relationship between glass and sound through a fil-rouge relating glass-production to the audiovisuals. The collaboration between Murano glass masters and the students of the Academy of fine arts in Venice tells the voice of the furnace in its infinite vibrations produced in the course of its complex activities.

A symphonic representation which defines an evolution of the creative path, made of material and cultural contaminations, where light is the true protagonist and emanates from the inside of the flower to grow harmoniously in the space.

14th September | 20th October 2018
from 11 am to 6 pm (except Tuesday)
Magazzino del Sale n.3, Accademia delle Belle Arti di Venezia, Dorsoduro 264 – Zattere – Venezia