Expo Synergy presents Foodies Challenge 2015


February 3rd 2015, at MiB Restaurant Piazza Affari, Nicola Sardano and Expo Synergy launched the most creative culinary challenge of pre-Expo.

The project Foodies’ Challenge is a real competition, which research forms, materials and innovative and artistic textures from different points of view.

The teams that will face each others with unpredictable food concepts, will be capitaniated by big names in the fields of architecture, art, design and fashion, accompanied by distinguished chefs.

Their creations will be enjoyed at the restaurants of chefs invited to the Challenge and will be disclosed to the public through the video clip, which will be voted from April 14 until October 31, 2015 through the app Extramilano free download available at any store.

The secrets that the designers along with their Chef guard throughout the challenge, will be revealed to the public within the publication EXPO GRAND TOUR.

Architecture, Arts, Food, Design and Fashion: Italian excellence come together in Milan to create the perfect combination of skill, technique, talent and creativity.