Fuorisalone: MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE. Pensieri alla Deriva

Milano Design Week 2017
From Monday 3 rd to Thursday 6 th April
from 19.30 to 22.00

An event divided into four evenings during which four designers each evening will interpret the theme of Water through the live creation of a pictorial work of art using a wide range of different techniques.

The theme of water was chosen to raise awareness about the responsible use of this supreme natural gift.

To give a sense of institutional approval for the presentation of such an important subject, H2O – New Scenarios for Survival was asked to take part in and support the venture. This is a no-profit association that has worked for many years to publicize this important issue, organizing workshops on the subject worldwide.

H2Otto, consultancy specialists for the world of architecture and related companies such as Ceramica Sant’Agostino, Effegibi, Irsap and Vismaravetro have therefore chosen a cultural theme in order to provide entertainment for the evenings of the Milan Design Week.

The sixteen works produced will be donated by the authors to the Association which will then auction them and the proceeds used to finance important outreach projects around the world.

In addition, each of the performance artists has been asked to produce a text on the subject in the form of a letter, a story, a reflection or a piece of poetry.

The collected material, texts and pictures of the works, will be collected in the form of a document produced by H2O the proceeds of which will go to the Association so that it can support its important campaign of raising awareness.

To ensure that the event goes viral and receives maximum coverage of above all the contents that people need to think about, a genuine task force has been set up to involve a number of figures (bloggers, Instagrammers etc) from the design sector order to stimulate the production of pre-event, post-event and social content. The venture will be developed in collaboration with a start-up which will be involved with the drafting of content material: Gushmag (www.gushmag.it).

Message in a Bottle: a great way to spend time together without losing sight of the important issues.
See you there!

Event program:

3th April 2017
Giorgio Palù – Arkpabi
Alessia Garibaldi – Studio DC10
Aldo Parisotto – Parisotto+Formenton
Antonio Gioli – GBPA Architects

4th April 2017

Claudio Saverino – Vudafieri+Saverino Partners
Pietro Carlo Pellegrini – Studio Pietro Carlo Pellegrini
Silvana Angeletti – AngelettiRuzza Design
Silvia Giannini – Studio Giannini Architetto

5th April 2017

Massimo Simonetti – Studio Simonetti
Simonetta Cenci – 5+1AA
Matteo Fantoni – Matteo Fantoni Studio
Davide Cumini – IArchitects

6th April 2017
Marco Donati – Storage Associati
Luciano Galimberti – BGPIU progettazione
Marco Zuttioni – MODOURBANO
Gerardo Sannella – Mygg Design