GREEN HOME DESIGN 2012: a success in the name of sustainable architecture

A second record edition: with a stunning number of 13,238 visitors.

An area that was literally stormed by the public decreed the success of the second edition of Green home design, living the present, the exhibition on architecture, sustainable building and energy efficiency organized by My Exhibition in collaboration with MADE expo and patronized by the Green Building Council.

An overall number of 13,238 visitors, of whom 10,976 registered as trade operators, with an increase of 20% over the 2011 edition. Of these, 1,985 were foreign operators representing 15% of the total number of presences.

The figures relating to online pre-registration on the website are also impressive, with over 2,000 registrations effected and an enormous number of visitors to the internet site from all over the world.

Equally worthy of note, the presence of over 200 journalists regularly accredited by the press office, and coverage in both generalist and specialist media, with TV reports broadcasting footage of the exhibition space and statements by the main players who contributed to staging the event.

Credit is due to the innovative format which focused on the functionality of eco-sustainable buildings and offered plenty of material for debating topics associated with building and contemporary living, with a view to safeguarding the environment.

Within its surface area of 1600 sq m, Green home design offered hospitality to three houses, one playschool, a congress hall and a lounge area with Bio bar, all of which were proper prefabricated 1:1 scale structures. The designers of the project, Aldo Cibic, Marco Piva and Massimiliano Mandarini presented their own interpretation of contemporary architecture with projects that combine aesthetic research, functionality and energy-efficient solutions.

“We are very satisfied with the work we have done for this edition” states Carlo Matthey, CEO of My Exhibition. The results we are bringing home today reward our team’s commitment and dedication. Today’s figures greatly encourage us to look to the future and towards the next editions of this event”.

The theme workshops also met with considerable success. “The close-knit integration between product, design and environment has highlighted the value of sustainable design with a particular focus on its outer skin, materials and affordable building and maintenance costs” – concludes Matthey– “while a fundamental element was that of showing visitors architectural solutions of elevated energy efficiency”.

Various building systems were employed in their construction: wood – which retains heat in the winter and is cool in the summer with a consequent reduction in energy consumption-, hemp and lime – a combination that provides excellent thermal insulation -, x-lam – a system using multilayered solid timber panels with which it is possible to construct buildings of up to nine floors, in the same way as steel. All materials that contribute to creating buildings with a low environmental impact.

A brief summary of the figures relating to “Green home design, living the present”:

13,238 trade visitors (20% more than the 2011 edition)

2,035 pre-registered visitors

10,976 trade visitors registered at the venue

15% foreign visitors

280 accredited journalists

46 sponsors

3 installations

1,600 sq m exhibition space (30% more than the 2011 edition)

photo GREEN HOME DESIGN 2012 by Luca Casonato

Look at the photos of installation “Coltivare una casa – Architetture di materiali sostenibili” by Cibicworkshop (Aldo Cibic e Tommaso Corà con Michele Cecchetto):

Look at the photos of installation “Space for life” by Studio Marco Piva (Marco Piva):

Look at the photos of installation “GKH Green Kinder House” by Marchingenio (Massimiliano Mandarini):