Mario Cucinella launches the “Arcipelago Italia” call

Mario Cucinella, commissioned by MiBACT to curate the Italian Pavilion at the 16th Venice International Biennial Architecture Exhibition, intends to launch a survey looking at works created or under construction on the theme of “Arcipelago Italia”.



At the heart of the proposal presented by the architect for the Italian Pavilion at the 2018 Venice Architecture Biennial will be a dynamic laboratory/workshop that will focus its actions on the urban space created by the interior areas of the city, an illustration of Italian identity through extension and historical/cultural stratification. The objective is to present concrete examples that underline the role contemporary architecture can play in residential areas far from large urban centres and unaffected by metropolitan city dynamics. These areas are often perceived as marginal and transitory locations but which can re-establish a central point in the dialogue between new needs and the surrounding historic stratification.

The deadline for participation in the survey, as indicated in the link below is 12:00 on 30th Sept 2017. During the application stage, you are asked to indicate the theme or themes that are considered most consistent on the basis of the four sections described below (multiple choice is allowed, up to a maximum of two categories)

LIVING: examples of architecture in which the harmony between the human element and the natural character of the landscape is highlighted as an essential condition for the strength and resilience of regions.
CONNECTING: infrastructures and networks (both material and immaterial) that connect residential sectors and which are aimed at improving access to potentially isolated places thereby guaranteeing the provision of essential services.
SHARING: creations that have an impact on the social fabric of a place with the intention of improving the quality of life and increasing the appeal of the place for those who would like to live there.
PROGRESSING: works of architecture which trigger virtuous dynamics with local productive and manufacturing sectors and pursue the well-being and development of communities according to an approach where innovation supports and amplifies the value of tradition

The Call is open to individuals or associations, designers or clients who are both Italian and foreign who intend to present works consistent with the theme and objectives of the research that have been carried out in the inner areas of cities. Buildings constructed over the past five years will be given priority and projects under construction which are likely to be completed by December 31st 2017 will also be considered.

The assessment criteria include the following:
– Empathy with the setting: the ability to integrate and interpret the identity of the sites and the establishing of virtuous and vital links.
– Measure: a proportional relationship between the work and the context that is balanced irrespective of the scale of the intervention.
– Social impact: the ability to implement opportunities for social relations within the community.
To participate you have to submit your application according to the competition instructions given in this link