Marmomac Stone Awards, three projects for Archmarathon


During the Marmomac 2016 edition, ARCHMARATHON Casting took place, which saw the participation of 20 architectural firms coming from all over the world.
With this project Marmomac emphasizes its commitment to high-level training for architects and designers, involving international professionals in an original and constructive dialogue on the use of stone.
Among the numerous participants were selected the three finalists: Abalo Alonso
(Spain), Kaan Architecten (Holland), Maroun Lahoud Architecte (Lebanon).
After two years of waiting, the first Marmomac Stone Award winner will be unveiled.

Abalo Alonso Arquitectos – Health Center project
About his Health Center project he states: “the slate integrates the building in its environment; not only because of the color or the image, but also because of its sustainability. We use local material in the relationship with the neighborhood. Perhaps some of those reasons could determinate the choice of the jury. And the quality of the work, we hope”.



KAAN Architecten – Supreme Court of the Netherlands project
KAAN Architecten studio – concerning his project – says: “the building clearly conveys what the Supreme Court is and does: with both feet on the ground, among society, with its head amid the clarity of facts and knowledge. Its foundations are an earthy mass of stone, carved open fo access, supporting a crystalline superstructure.



Maroun Lahoud Architecte – St. Elie Church project
Maroun Lahoud Architecte, talking about his St. Elie Church project, says that: “the project arose with the will to gather by celebrating the elements of nature. It comprises the church and its square, all dressed in white, solemnly setting on a dry stone walled base, that remodels the topography of the hillside to house the multipurpose hall and its annexes. The project reused the remaining stones of the destroyed church and nearby houses during the civil war, to perpetuate the history of the place. With the new project, a new page is written, however it is rooted in the context. The contrast between the mimetic material of the podium, intimately anchored in the ground, and the sparkling white bush hammered stone cladding of the church, symbolizing renewal, and creating a new focal point in this heavy historical heritage region”.



These three projects will participate in Archmarathon 2018 which will be held from 11 to 13 October in Milan. ARCHMARATHON 2018 is an event dedicated to the world of design that focuses on architecture and interior design, selecting the projects that have distinguished themselves in the two-year period 2016-2018.
The event has been accredited by the Order of Architects of Milan and includes 8CFP for each day.

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