Miami Calling, Archistars on the Marmomac stage


MARMOMAC, in collaboration with the international architecture and design magazine
PLATFORM, has invited 3 famous international architects to take part during the 2018 edition of the biggest Stone, Design and Technology Trade Fair, so that they can illustrate the recent urban and architectural development of the city of Miami.
Below are the prestigious guest nominations:

Chris Lépine | Associate Director of Zaha Hadid Architects 
Pina del Conte | Senior Project Architect of @Rene Gonzalez Architect
Anil Kakar | Interior Designer and Store Owner of Kakar House of Design


Chris Lépine
Associate Director of the eminent Zaha Hadid Architects studio, he’s a member of the Team since 2006. Chris Lépine has experience in large-scale international projects and the use of advanced digital technology to resolve complex design challenges.
Mr. Lépine is currently the project Director of 1000 Museum, a luxury residential tower in Miami, USA. During his presence at MARMOMAC, he will illustrate how this magnificent building is enriching the Miami landscape and developing the downtown area of the city.

Pina del Conte
Senior Project architect of Rene Gonzalez Architects studio, creates buildings that actively engage in a ‘design conversation’ with their surroundings. Founded in 1997 in Miami, Florida, the award winning firm believes that a building is inexorably linked to the cultural and natural environment beyond its physical boundaries.
Tropical, beautiful, diverse, audacious, threatened: these adjectives describe the creative forces shaping the life, character and development of the young city of Miami.
People shape place and place shapes people. The work of Rene Gonzalez Architects reaches for the sky, rises from the waters, and filters the sun, while capturing and translating environmental and cultural context.

Anil Kakar
Anil’s design philosophy is quite simple: to design spaces that are comfortable, practical, and aesthetically pleasing to suit the lifestyles of his clients. Combining his passion for design and business, Anil completed his MBA at the University of Miami.
Having been encouraged by friends to pursue design on a full-time basis, B11 Design was formed in 2010. KAKAR House of Design, the retail store, opened February 2012 in Miami.
During his speech he will focus on the green/recycling movement in design and how it is something that he, as a designer, is supportive of and very passionate about.
He likes to incorporate vintage and antique furnishings and textiles in his projects for their quality, timeless beauty, character, charm and workmanship. He’s a huge supporter of local artists and crafts people in various specialties from all over the world.