Urban Landscape. Paul Meurice by Scape

Project: Paul Meurice, centro sportivo e servizi, Ville de Paris (France)
Designed by: Scape

The project’s target is to create a, one of a kind, Multi–Events Arena in the centre of Milan.
The proposal aims to revitalize the historic building into a modern context by creating an innovative integrated structure that focuses on the footprint ofthe existing building to strengthen the historic and symbolic value of the former Maspes Vigorelli Velodrome. Easy accessibility to the field and new storage spaces allow the new structure to accommodate a wide varietyof sports, entertainment and educational activities in a safe and secure environment.
It will be possible to quickly transform the facilities according to different requirements from sport teams and resident sports people, extreme sports, sports tournaments, seasonal and annual events or daily use for schools.
The project reduces the current capacity to 5,570 seats, removes the historic cycling track and shortens the playing field to create two large new spaces in the semicircular ends of the existing building, now occupied by parabolic curves.
A commercial space and a Sports Academy with training activities and technical and intellectual support to the growth of new young athletes will be located in these two new volumes.
The new architectural element of the sports arena is a new light and elegant steel canopy, reminiscent of the oldc ycling track, that floats slightly above the existing building.