PLATFORM Architecture and Design is extending its distribution to the Gulf Countries

PLATFORM Architecture and Design estende la propria distribuzione ai Paesi del Golfo - Da sinistra: Angelo Dadda, Simona Finessi, Fady El Moukanzah, Anna Masello
Da sinistra: Angelo Dadda, Simona Finessi, Fady El Moukanzah, Anna Masello

Starting from the fourth issue of 2015, the bi-monthly cultural magazine dedicated to the world of architecture and design will also be distributed in most of the Arab-speaking countries throughout the world

PLATFORM Architecture and Design, the bi-monthly magazine dedicated to the world of architecture and design published by Publicomm Srl, continues to gather support and to reach new readers.

In actual fact, last week a 6 year agreement was signed with UNIVERSAL Publisher, a major publishing house and well established in the Arab-speaking world with offices in Beirut, Riyadh and Abu Dhabi.
The agreement covers the leasing of the PLATFORM brand together with use of content and the title’s graphic layout, exclusively in the Gulf countries as well as widespread distribution within the same.

Thanks to this agreement PLATFORM, after having had international success and being distributed in Austria, Belgium, Brazil, France, Malta, Poland, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Spain, the United States, German-speaking Switzerland, Thailand and Taiwan, will be distributed starting with the fourth issue of 2015 in Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Iran, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Nigeria, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Syria, Sudan and Tunisia.

Depending on the country of distribution, the magazine, which is already published in Italian and English, will also be published in English-Arabic, English-French and English-Persian.

The print run for the magazine dedicated to the new countries will be of 15,000 copies, which will increase the total number of copies distributed to 45,000 and thus exponentially increase contacts achieved at newsstands and through sales via the web.
The new distribution agreement testifies to the quality of the magazine, the result of courageous choices and a great capacity for vision, which in a few short months has made the Platform network- compiled from the web, social media, blogs and relational marketing events- a reference point for over 300,000 readers including professionals, opinion leaders and operators in the world of architecture and design at an international level.