Platform TV architects interview: video interview to Flavio Manzoni

Flavio Manzoni graduated in architecture in Firenze. He is the son of an architect and began free hand drawing while still a child, thanks to instruction from his father. Curiously enough, among some of his early drawings there are studies of horses, which seems a premonition of things to come. It becomes clear that design is his amniotic liquid, his natural habitat.
Unlike many car designers he is not fascinated just by cars. Perhaps because he is an architect he is interested in the design process, in its entirety.
There are models in his studio of “generative design” created by students he has met in design schools, and iconic objects, traces of the work of other architects and designers, the result of real meetings and selected affinities.
The creation of a style centre within Ferrari, equipped with the best in technology and supported by the expertise of a team of modellers and designers from all over the world, and the design of the multiple-award winning latest Ferraris is down to him.