Platform TV companies: Fantoni – Paolo Fantoni

The Fantoni factory, with its complex of buildings covered in blue plate, stands out against the profile of the mountains in the background, which are also an unusual blue. Generally the green of vegetation or the white of snow are the colours usually associated with mountains but here they appear the same colour as the Fantoni factory. This makes the choice of colour seem particularly appropriate: the size of the establishment is not intrusive and is naturally integrated into the area.
This wisdom is not by chance: over the course of time construction of all the buildings was entrusted to the architect Gino Valle, who has forged a partnership with the Fantoni family stretching back over thirty years.
It seems that loyalty is a feature of this family, now in its fifth generation of uninterrupted leadership of the company. Starting with the joinery in the 19th century, thanks to the intuition of Paolo’s grandfather Giovanni Fantoni, long partnerships were started with artists and then art directors and external architects which progressed in parallel with the company. From being among the first to work together with Domus as advertisers in the ’20s, to the production of furniture for the Triennial in the 1930s with Cesare Scoccimarro, to the creation of supplies for the Agip chain with Edoardo Gellner, up to Gino Valle and Herbert Ohl starting from the 1960s and Mario Broggi in the1970s, the Fantoni family make an artistic relationship a constant. Aspiration to beauty is a lesson that has been well handed down.