The winners of 10m² have been announced

The design theme of the second edition of Dieci Metri Quadri required additional effort in terms of studies and insights into the Food sector with the majority of the papers demonstrating focus and research carried out into the proposed subject. The large number of projects received in response to the Periferica call allowed the jury to identify two winning design solutions, one in the professional section and one in the student section.


Professional Category
 – 1° Prize Swingkitchen
DMQ17_0120 – Azzurra Brugiotti

Is it possible to turn a kiosk into something new and original? Swing / Kitchen tries to answer this question by converting the kiosk into a “boite à miracles” or miracle box. Swing/kitchen is a kiosk, a playground, a gym and, if necessary, a cinema! A single element with a 1×2 meter base with trapezoidal sections is repeated 10 times to form 10 apparently equal modules. The five central modules contain the kitchen and serving areas while the other remaining five modules rewrite the rules for playing. When they are opened, they reveal four big swings, while a fifth is used for storage. Both the front and back sides of Swing / kitchen can be used and it can also be turned into a cinema. If it is true that food is the mirror of the soul, playing is the secret ingredient that brings us to a state of lost grace. Swing / kitchen amplifies the emotions: food, playing and images take us to a dream-like space packed with energy.


Student Category
 – 1° Prize CAPPEReat!
DMQ17_0274 – Enrica Gaia Consiglio, Gabriele Lupo, Raffaele Iodice, Rosa Marino, Tiziana Maria Cavaleri

CAPPEReat! was created with the aim of rediscovering a classic Sicilian product: the caper. The search for its origins linked to the agricultural process lead to the idea of 0kms cuisine. From growing to harvesting, the products are then transformed into dishes to be tasted. In this vision, the project replicates the process of cultivating the caper in which starting from the green wall, which is simply a vertical vegetable garden in which the plant is born, we pass to the preparation phase and then finish with the serving of the created dish. The food point is inserted into an environment in which the greenery enters the tufa rocks and envelopes the kiosk which being made entirely of wood, emanates colours that seem to mingle with the environment: architecture and nature blend, creating multifunctional spaces where growing, cooking and eating become appealing activities.


Social Prize – Sabir
DMQ17_0440 – Luca Milardi, Alessio Marinero, Vincenzo Arrabito, Giuseppe Magro, Bartolo Lorefice

Sabir is a vision of Sicilian identity, a sensory experience where you can taste Mediterranean flavours and cross-pollinate codes and languages within the ancient Mazar tufa quarry. The menu is the synthesis of the best of Sicily married with exotic ingredients. The geometries and the colour games are inspired by the Palatine Chapel in Palermo, a fusion of Norman art and Arab craftsmanship. A cube circled in a circle, a treasure chest of lines, geometries, colours and scents.

To ensure a horizontal relationship between customers and chefs, the cube includes a large triangle as a synthesis of the ideas of conviviality, meeting, comparison, transparency and intimacy. The XL version is the breakdown of a cube into matrices of new volumes. The forms can be used as display stands, bookshelves, installations, etc while the two cultures that have established the identity of Sicily are in the shape of a cross made up of chairs and colours inspired by the Palatine Chapel.