• Masseria Moroseta

    Masseria Moroseta

    • 28/03/2018

    © Salva Lopez


    Masseria Moroseta was designed by Andrew Trotter over a three year process to delve into the heart of Pugliese traditions of construction and building. Owner, Carlo Lanzini, wanted a modern building that wouldn’t feel out of place amongst the olive trees. A study was made of masserie in the area and their comparison [...]

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  • Country House Renovation

    Country House Renovation

    • 26/02/2018
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    Architects: Mide Architetti
    Location: Lucca, Italy
    Project Year: 2015
    Photographs: Alessandra Bello


    © Alessandra Bello


    The project site involves an old country house, built in 1887 in the immediate neighborhood of Lucca and a most recent farmhand’s cottage. The buildings are integrated in the countryside of Lucca and maintain its typical characteristics. Specifically, the buildings [...]

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  • Rural Cave House

    Rural Cave House

    • 11/02/2018


    The Cuevas del Pino estate sits in the foothills of Sierra Morena, in calcarenite stone terrain arranged in slightly sloping strata that gives rise to various geological formations native to the area, among which are the caves that traditionally have been used for farming and livestock.

    Historically, the product of these hollows in the rock emerged [...]

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  • Casa Meztitla

    Casa Meztitla

    • 28/06/2017
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    In the realm of leisure, architecture can play a double-edged role. The ultimate situation would be when architecture could not only interpret the context, but also reinterpret and maximize its sensorial experience.

    Architecture would then be a catalyst… a dramatizer…

    Casa Meztitla is an intervention of a natural scenario. It showcases the luxurious value of leisure, [...]

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  • Sulwhasoo Flagship Store in Seoul

    Sulwhasoo Flagship Store in Seoul

    • 12/04/2017


    The literal and mythological meaning of the lantern is highly significant throughout Asian history—it leads you through the dark, showing you the way and indicating the beginning and end of a journey. Neri&Hu’s radical transformation of an existing five storey building in Seoul, South Korea, into a grand flagship store for leading Asian skincare brand [...]

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  • Airbnb Offices in São Paulo

    Airbnb Offices in São Paulo

    • 09/02/2017
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    Signed by the brazilian office of architecture MM18 Arquitetura, from Brazil, that is led by the architects Mila Strauss and Marcos Paulo Caldeira, the head office of the Airbnb in Brazil was opened in 2015, in São Paulo (Brazil), respecting the culture of the countries where it operates. For the brazilian head office, MM18 proposed [...]

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  • Kalø Tower Visitor Access

    Kalø Tower Visitor Access

    • 27/01/2017

    Photo: Bjorn Pierri Enevoldsen

    Architect: MAP Architects
    Year: 2016


    The project allows access to one of Denmark’s archaeological gems, while offering and intricate spatial experience. Previously inaccessible, the visitor can enter and climb the main space of the tower, perceive the archaeological layers and view the landscape. Culture and nature, at a small and large scale, are [...]

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  • Puertochico Plaza & Market by  Garciagerman Arquitectos

    Puertochico Plaza & Market by Garciagerman Arquitectos

    • 26/01/2017
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    In northern Spain, Garciagerman Arquitectos has transformed a historic plaza using bold geometric paving inspired by optical art. The space was previously an unused and disconnected area situated on top of santander’s puertochico market. the project reconnects the public square to the neighborhood with a new flight of stairs facing the adjacent street conceived as an [...]

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  • The Garden Bridge

    The Garden Bridge

    • 19/01/2017
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    The Garden Bridge is a new 366m-long footbridge that will stretch across the River Thames, from the top of Temple underground station on the Northbank to the South Bank. The bridge will hold an expansive garden. Footpaths will weave through the garden, creating a new pedestrian route which will be free and open to all [...]

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  • Knapphullet


    • 18/01/2017

    © Lund Hagem


    Knapphullet  is a small annex replacing two small sheds on the property designed by Lund Hagem Arkitekter . The new building has a distinctive roof free spanning. The roof folds down to the ground creating a ramp up to a viewing platform connecting to the upper cliff.
    The project began as an idea for [...]

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