• This Brutal World

    This Brutal World

    • 13/08/2016
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    This Brutal World, Phaidon
    Geisel Library, University of California, San Diego, USA, 1970 by William Pereira & Associates.


    @BrutalHouse è un progetto d’archivio nato su Twitter dall’art director e graphic designer Peter Chadwick che ha iniziato a condividere il suo archivio fotografico di oltre 300 progetti d’architettura brutalista. Una passione che lo ha portato a documentare [...]

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  • Le Corbusier in the list of World Heritage sites

    Le Corbusier in the list of World Heritage sites

    • 17/07/2016
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    The UNESCO Committee has finally entered the architectural work of Le Corbusier in the list of World Heritage Sites. The announcement was made by the United Nations in a note in which the Confederation states that the entry includes 17 items in seven different countries: France, Argentina, Belgium, Germany, Japan, India and Switzerland.

    In the architect's [...]

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  • À ciel ouvert

    À ciel ouvert

    • 16/07/2016
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    Felice Varini, Triangles percés – Centre d’Art de la Cité Radieuse, Marseille. Photo André Morin


    Until October 2 nd observers will have the chance to see the installation by the Franco-Swiss artist Felice Varini on the terrace of the Cité Radieuse for Mamo. This art centre was created by Ora Ito on the terrace of the [...]

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  • Villa Savoye: The five points of architecture

    Villa Savoye: The five points of architecture

    • 01/05/2016
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    Andrea Stinga shows us her latest creation in collaboration with visual artist Federico Gonzalez. The video illustrates Le Corbusier’s “Five Points of a New Architecture” on his masterpiece, Villa Savoye, constructed in 1929 like an example of each point.
    “This is a personal project to show the five points of a new architecture proposed by [...]

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  • Le Corbusier and the weissenhof houses

    Le Corbusier and the weissenhof houses

    • 12/04/2016

    STORY Tiziano Aglieri Rinella
    Photo Gonzalez/Weissenhofmuseum

    One of the most significant historical events for the affirmation of the ideas of the Modern Movement in architecture was the realization of the Weissenhof in Stuttgart in 1927. The model-neighbourhood, built for the Werkbund’s second exhibition enjoyed outstanding success and remains today one of the most important witnesses of [...]

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  • Happy Birthday Le Corbusier!

    Happy Birthday Le Corbusier!

    • 06/10/2015
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    Le Corbusier


    “Space and light and order. Those are the things that men need just as much as they need bread or a place to sleep.”

    Today marks the Swiss-born French architect Le Corbusier’s birthday. Noted as one of the pioneers of modern architecture, Le Corbusier’s architecture career spanned some five decades. Born in 1887, which would [...]

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  • Homage to Le Corbusier

    Homage to Le Corbusier

    • 30/08/2015

    Fiftieth anniversary of Le Corbusier’s passing
    Homage to Le Corbusier
    05/06/2015 – 27/09/2015

    On the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the death of Le Corbusier (1887-1965), ten architects among the most important of our time propose their vision of a project for the extension of the Villa “Le Lac”.

    Daniel Libeskind, Mario Botta, Zaha Hadid, [...]

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  • Ora-Ïto. Brand New World

    Ora-Ïto. Brand New World

    • 27/01/2014
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    Get branded or fake trying.

    History, know-how and legitimacy: these, according to former enfant prodige of international design scene, the holy commandments to swear your loyalty when you are approaching a new design challenge. We meet Ora-Ïto on the occasion of Cersaie 2013, at the margin of his lecture as [...]

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