An open-air museum of memory for the anniversary of the Great War. Carso 2014 by Studio Burgi

Project Carso 2014
Location Altopiano Carsico
Designed by Studio Burgi

Three areas of intervention in the Goritian Karst. Specific projects highly related to each other and considered according to a strategic vision on a regional scale have been proposed.

1) San Michele Museum. The new museum is located inside the filling hill corresponding to the current car park. The hill features a natural slope that allows to bring the landscape inside the exhibition halls, in which the viewer approaches a past rich in history and value.

2) Castellazzo and Doberdò del Lago. A section of the existing path is rearranged in the first phase. A simple space where you can enjoy a wide view of the lake is defined thanks to a net perimeter and to a handrail with a contemporary design. The following intervention consists in cutting the ground and going down between the two karstic walls, touching them and experimenting the act of entering this rock that people usually see emerge among the grass and plants.

3) Redipuglia. The goal is to return integrity to the cypress tree forest: this green and compact patch brings back by assonance to the original image of the hill where, instead of cypress trees, there were the crosses of the fallen. Those arriving to the belvedere area can find a wide, shady and calm space which suggests the existence of a future beyond memory and leads not only to remember, but also to feel lightness and hope, thanks to the view on the landscape, the colours of the plants, the spatiality of the area