A new "downtown" urban, propulsive and functional. Recovery Area ex Fitram – New Library La Spezia by 5 +1 AA


Project: Recupero Area ex Fitram – Nuova Biblioteca.
Location: La Spezia.
Designed by: 5+1AA Alfonso Femia Gianluca Peluffo

Think of a device connection and sharing, discovery and perception, relating to the seniority of the graft, the interior with the exterior, the urban landscape with the territory.

The new library is the result of a process that the City of La Spezia has taken to respond to a primary need of the city to have a space librarian who can meet your current needs, and consequently retrieve an abandoned mend the urban area and its usability.
The proposed project is the creation of a new “downtown” urban, propulsive and functional by fulfilling the desire of the Administration to re-create a place for providing meeting spaces, reading and recreation.
The project involves the creation of a living space in which to host a small auditorium, a reading area, an administrative center, offices for the library, archive facilities and rooms for reading and reference books. Around the main space the project is enriched by the places to host small events in the café, where you can learn more in the areas of consultation, and a small area for computer science courses. In the second batch you can sell space for children’s narratives, exhibitions, conferences, meetings, entertainment, etc.
The project was immediately thought of as a device connection and sharing, discovery and perception.
Everything is developed according to a grammar of design that emphasizes the identity of the individual parts and the relationship between them with radical honesty.
Prevail over the place, the identity that has characterized it. His metamorphosis sweet and sentimental him to be a new heart not only at the service of citizens but passive and active belonging to each of us.

Images courtesy of 5+1AA