White Carrara Downtown, walking with art in the capital of marble

From June 10th to June 18th Carrara will open its doors to visitors offering them a striking experience in the form of tales about companies and incredible stories about men, passions, work, products and design. Through exploratory journeys following a number of different paths, visitors can find out more about the unique nature of one of the most fascinating cities in Italy, discovering an elegant historic centre where they will have the chance to enjoy delicious local specialties and attend concerts, shows and different events every night.

During White Carrara Downtown there will be an interesting cycle of Travelling Conferences looking at historical and contemporary artistic research in Carrara and there are 5 different routes presented by the “La Formica” Cultural Association for visitors to discover the city by taking a step back into the now unknown past while listening to a delightful recorded narrative.

Along the way visitors will discover the wealth of a Carrara able to astonish with its history, its past and anecdotes that revolve around a closed church, an abandoned fountain, or simply the doorway of an empty house.
This history of a civic past will change forever your way of seeing the city.
Don’t miss the “Sight and Seeing Tour” which will allow you to visit the historic centre and, in off-road vehicles, the quarry, together with a stop at the Colonnata larderia or lard factory.
In addition there are also concerts not just in the city but also against the striking backdrop of the marble quarries. “Scultura En Plein Air” is a great event featuring hand-carved sculpture that will involve dozens of artists and young sculptors as well as installations scattered around the city’s historic centre.


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