White in the city

White in the city a project that will involve some of the most prestigious locations in Milan, Accademia di Brera, Pinacoteca di Brera, Palazzo Cusani, San Carpoforo, Class Editori Space, connected by means of a single itinerary, in a series of steps that cover the many meanings, symbolism and uses of White, each their own, unique interpretation.

The colour white, is historically a symbol of well-being, sustainability and tranquillity; not a starting point but a point of arrival, a destination, that involves all the disciplines of the project, from architecture to visual arts, from design to fashion.

All these socio-cultural areas connected to being, existing, living, contemplating, will be analysed in order to outline a dimension of white that informs, that imparts information, transforming our daily environment into spaces of well-being. 

In the now highly renowned , Brera district,  one of the focal points of the Milan Design week, White in the City,  will occupy four of the most representative, architectural jewels and landmarks of Milanese cultural scene.

The Pinacoteca, The Accademy of fine arts in Brera, the ex church of San Carpoforo and Palazzo Cusani will be the prestigious backdrop for installations by masters of design with the contribution of great architects, all recognisable for the use of white in all its forms of expression.

The itinerant exhibition continues in the centre of Milan, Corso Italia, in an unusual garden and loft in the Class editori Space, that will be the stage for the showcase White Young. The designers involved are all young and internationally recognised and through the exhibit, will give form to their interpretation of white, not just its appearance also as a vital and innovative element in an eco-sustainable society.

The projects will all be in varying scale, from the architectural installations of the stars in the world of design, through to objects that are used on a daily basis, from spaces through to small personal accessories, a perfect balance between art and design.

The objective of White in the city is that of creating a knowledge and awareness that makes it possible to choose white, not just by legacy or on an emotional basis, but also by means of an educated choice.

Along the way, White will take on an immaterial or tangible appearance, from one location to another.

White in the city, the result of Italian talent that will make it possible to bring together different visions, cultures, artists, architects  designers, businessmen, students and members of the general public, in a context where quality and excellence will meet as never before, a meeting which will pervade the senses of the visitor.

White, a motor of change for well-being in living spaces.

Info: http://www.whiteinthecity.com